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Google Penguin and Panda does not always react as quickly and consideration we would like. Some sites remain submerged in the more depths of the SERPs, and you have to wait for a new Penguin update to revive site. This is what has happened with some websites after upgrading Google Penguin and Panda.

In fact, what many webmasters end up doing is killing the web and create a new one; but this means throwing away all the effort deposited in raising an online project and start from scratch. Too hard for you...? Do not worry! We have a complete solution .

To get out of a penalty of Google Panda and Penguin, the method consists basically redirect the content of the website to a new domain. But, not surprisingly, is not easy. We apply a series of steps to clean the old domain and make new gains a good reputation with Google Penguin and Panda.


There are other alternative applications and software products in market, but Webmatrix Technology will use different and very effective method. If it comes to re-float a website, think about it, because it can be very worthwhile.

The process involves.

Google Webmaster Tool
Complete analysis of every incoming links
Make an effort to remove all bad links
Download Incoming Link Report
Analyze if the website is over optimized with anchor textn
Google Link Disavow Tool is used for link removal

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