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If you do a search on Google, especially if you are looking for a product or service will observe as the results page the first three links are highlighted (although sometimes they are just two or one), and also appear featured some results in a column on the right. They are called sponsored links ads, sites that have paid to appear when you make that particular search. We must say that in our opinion Google is honest, because it identifies clearly that results are ads and what not. The remaining results, which are no ads are the natural SEO results, because they are based on quality criteria, that is natural. Positioning strategies intended to appear in the top natural results are what are known as a natural SEO Result. Appear on the front page with the sponsored results without merit and does not mean that this website is better than the rest, but its makers have enough money to invest in advertising. However, we know that the first natural result is not there for plug, say, but because in the eyes of Google's what we're looking for, and Google is a smart, if you say something is good for you, it probably is. So we always recommend natural SEO..


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