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Today, world is experiencing a lot of changes in Digital Marketing made by Google updates or algorithm. If your website is getting affected by Google Penalty, then the consequences will be very devastating. Because, when the website gets hit due to Google Penalty, then their website suffered a lot such as it loses its website organic traffic, brand value, search visibility and revenue. Keep in mind your website gets penalized by Google, when you violate the guidelines set by Google. There are many websites which gets affected and found their ranking at the bottom but they cannot do anything about it. So, if your website gets affected by Google algorithm like Panda or Penguin, then you do not have to worry, you can avail our Google Penalty Removal or Recovery Service to bring back your website at the right position.

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Google Panda Algorithm

The update of Google Panda Algorithm revolves around the quality of the content of your website. Our experts take precautionary steps to recover your site from Google Panda Algorithm.

Google Penguin Algorithm

The update of Google Penguin Algorithm revolves around the quality of the backlinks and keyword stuffing. If this algorithm affects your website, then there will be drop in your website ranking. To recover your website, our experts remove those bad links.

Hummingbird Algorithm

The update of Hummingbird Algorithm is related to the context of your website or blog, if it provides the relevant information to the user query. To recover from Hummingbird Algorithm, our experts asked you to write the relevant and high quality content without duplication.

Recover from Google Penalty & Rank High on Search Engines!!!

How You Can Check If Your Website is penalized By Google?

  1. If there is sudden drop in the ranking of your targeted keywords.
  2. If there is reduction in organic search traffic or leads.
  3. In Google Search, if you are unable to view your website.
  4. In Google Webmaster Tool, if you are getting messages about the bad links.
  5. Check if your website is not allowing search engine robots to crawl the site.

You can avail our Google Penalty Recovery Service to figure out the problems in your website, so that your website does not get penalized by Google.

How We Recover Your Business?

  • 1.

  • 2.

Penalty Analysis

Our experts analyze the penalty which was administered by Google on your website. They check your website gets penalized manually by a Google Employee or through Google Algorithm automatically. In this, we manually check that the content of your website is of the highest order and also ensure that the links are organic. And with advanced tools, we identify that your website is violating the guidelines issued by Google.

Bad Links Removal

After analyzing, our experts identify the unnatural or bad links which are not organic and remove them. Because, low quality links drag your site down and bad links penalty are influenced by Google Penguin algorithm. Our link removal service, removes all the bad links to manage your website. If for some reasons, we cannot remove the bad links then we create a file of disavow links which cannot be removed.

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  • 5.

Content Analysis

Our experts analyze the content of your website and then check that it must be in the guidelines of Google. Because, Google do not like spammy and keyword stuffed content. We remove those links, which were created when you distribute the content on different platforms.


When our experts correct all the mistakes on your website, then through Google Search Console we notify Google about your website for reconsideration. Our Google Penalty Recovery Service satisfies the demands of the Google and helps you to recover your website.


At last, our experts will create a detail report of the mistakes which you have done earlier and send it to you so that you do not do the same mistakes in future.


What is the Difference between an Ad and A Post on Social Media?

A post on Social Media is the content which you share with your followers but an ad is the paid post which is designed to target an audience which is not your followers and it is based on demographics and interests. If a post is performing organically well, then you should put money behind it in order to increase its reach.

How to Get More People Talk About your Brand on Social Media?

If you want more people to talk about your Brand, then you should first understand the behavior of your audience, the content on your brand should not be boring and repetitive and also what topics are relevant for your audience.

How You will Get More Retweets on Twitter?

The best way to get more Tweets on Twitter is to include an image with your Tweet, your Tweet should be of maximum 100 characters and most importantly you should increase your following.

Why Social Media is Considered To Be An Investment?

Social Media is considered to be an investment as it increases traffic to your website; it influences people to buy your product, and also it helps to measure your ROI with the help of Google Analytics.



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