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WordPress Website is the Best, Adjustable and Minimum Cost Website Which Gives 100% Satisfaction!!!

WordPress is the simple and best open source web based software application which put your ideas on the web. It is the content management system which enables our professionals to create a website with the built in tools. It supports all kind of websites and online web portal like blogs, portfolios, forums and e-commerce sites etc. Our WordPress developers are specialized in custom web development, WordPress theme development and plugin development services etc. WordPress has simple framework through which anyone can build a website, has SEO features and provide large number of plug-ins. Our Experts keeps in mind your business goal and transform it, in a WordPress Website. If you are in need for a high quality WordPress Development service, then you can contact us at anytime.

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WordPress Development Services

WordPress Theme Creation

Our professionals provide you the latest WordPress Theme Development services to keep you above from your competitors. We use the theme which presents the goals of your website and business.

WordPress Plugin Development

If the client wants additional functionality in their website and not satisfied with the present one, then our professionals can build more plugins to add more features to your website according to the need of the customers.

WordPress Customization

Our experts can edit, customize, update and optimize your WordPress Website by fixing the issues in WordPress menu, header, footer and CSS errors to fulfill your business needs.

WordPress Blog/Website Development

If the customer wants to start their website or blog, then our professionals provide Website Development services at a reasonable price in short period.

WordPress Optimization

Visitors avoid visiting on sluggish website, which takes too much time to load. Our experts optimize your website in order to make it fast and reliable.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

If the client needs any kind of information related to the WordPress Website like theme development, plugin development etc. then they can consult our experts anytime. You can also contact us, if you want to migrate your site to WordPress without losing data and functionality.

WordPress Website is the Smarter and Reliable Websites For Developing Companies!!!

We create highly creative and secure WordPress websites at affordable prices, so that it can be easily manage by the customers. It is the best option for big and small brands who wants to builds an enterprise level websites.

Why you should Use WordPress for your Website?

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Wordpress is User Friendly

WordPress websites are easy use and super friendly. The client can easily manage it, if they don’t have technical knowledge or background.

WordPress is Universal

WordPress Websites is Universal because it is responsive and flexible. You can build the accessible website for your business for all the users.

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WordPress is Reliable

Today, 40% of the website on internet is based on WordPress because of its reliability. It makes sure your website remains online and bugs free.

Provides Unlimited Plugins

If your WordPress Website does not have the built in feature or functionality, then you can add more features by installing unlimited Plugin.

WordPress is Affordable

Webmatrix Technology provides WordPress Development service at affordable price. If you have a small business or startup business, then you can afford our services.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is basically a free and open source software which you can use to create a website and blog. In this, you can customize any website according to your business, blog, portfolio or online store.

How to Install Plugin in WordPress?

To install plugins, you should first go to Plugins and then click on Add New page in the WordPress admin area. After this, you should look for plugin and then type in keywords. Here, you should tap on Install button and then hit on Activate button.

How To Add Blog Post and Page in WordPress?

There are 2 content types i.e. Post and Pages. If you want to Add New post, then go to Post and then tap on Add New Post. And if you want to Add New Page, then go to Page and then hit on Add New page.

How To Update WordPress?

You will view the Updates in your WordPress dashboard. And if you wanted to install an update and then tap on the update icon. After this, go to Dashboard and then hit on Updates. Just, tap on “Install Now” button. At last, you will view the confirmation screen which will welcome you to latest version of WordPress.

How to Choose A Category and Add Tags to My Post?

If you want to choose a category and add tags into your post, then you should use Meta boxes which are on the right of your content. From here, you can select the existing categories and tags and then create new ones.


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