Best PHP Development Service in India

PHP Development Service in India

Impressive PHP Development Solutions, Which Touches The Heart of the User!!!

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and it is the open source scripting language which is used to create dynamic and interactive web applications with great user interface. Our professionals use advanced PHP strategies, content system, plugins, tools and technology for creating your websites. We provide high performance PHP Web Development Service to our clients to meet their business needs and goals. PHP Language is best for developing your web projects because it is cost effective, fast, reliable and compatible. It also provides diverse frameworks and extension to fulfill your business requirement. Our team gives top rated PHP Development service to our clients with 100% satisfaction.

We Create PHP Websites, that Not only Engage Users But Also Generate Traffic!!!

Webmatrix Technology gives world class support for building small and large websites, so that your company achieve its business goals.

Our PHP Development Services

PHP Website Development:

Our PHP developers can develop custom websites and web portals for the customers which fit to their business and expand the workflow.

PHP Mobile Web Development

Our experts can create the best and interactive mobile friendly websites which helps your business to reach its customer from their mobile phones.

PHP E-Commerce Development

Our PHP professionals are expertise in creating a creative, feature rich and effective e-commerce website for your online stores to attract the potential customers so that they visit again and again.

PHP Framework Development

Our developers build advanced web applications with optimized features and it is based on the popular frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Yii 2, Zend framework, CakePHP and many others.

PHP Plugin and Extension Development

If the customers want to add specific functionality to their website, then our experts will provide them custom PHP Plugin and extension to fulfill their requirement.

PHP Maintenance & Support

As you all know, bugs and errors can arise at any time so we provide PHP maintenance and support service to our customers to solve their problem.

A Website Without PHP Coding, Is Like A Car with No Engine!!!

We provide end-to-end PHP web development services to our clients, so that they can easily satisfy the needs of the customers. We use PHP functionality to make your websites and applications unique.


Free and Open Source

PHP is free server side language and open source in nature so our developers can create and edit your website or web applications in minimum budget. As it is free, so it decreases the budget of your company.


PHP language is versatile and can be used on any device like Mac OS, Linux, Windows and Unix. It supports all web browser and web servers.

Fast and Secure

If you are using the latest version of PHP, then it competes well on speed. And it also uses advanced tools & diverse frameworks which protect against all kind of cyber attacks.

Plenty of Resources

PHP provide plenty of resources to the developers like framework, documentation tools and free extension which will improve the functionality of your website.

Easy To Learn

PHP is very easy to learn because it uses very simple syntax and command functions. If the user does not have the deep down knowledge then also they can create a web page in PHP.

Many Hosting providers support PHP

PHP language is supported by many hosting providers. They do not charge any additional cost because of its easy development and large range of options for creating website.


What is PHP?

PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor and it is an open source scripting language which is used for web development. And PHP supports many databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, generic ODBC etc.

What Is PEAR in PHP?

PEAR generally stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository. It is a framework and also a distribution system for reusable PHP components. It has all types of PHP code snippets and also gives a command line so that you can install packages automatically.

What are the Most Popular Frameworks in PHP?

The popular frameworks in PHP in CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Symfony, Zend Framework etc.

What are Most Popular Content Management System In PHP?

The popular Content Management System in PHP are WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal etc.

What are the 3 types of Array in PHP?

There are 3 types of Array in PHP i.e. Indexed Array, Associative Array and Multidimensional Array.


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